Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prom 2011 - B.Koi loves Prom Season!

Prom season is here! Everywhere I turn I see rack after rack of flowing, vibrant prom dresses surrounded by excited teens. It feels so long ago that I went to prom! I remember how exciting and nerve-wracking it all was, but also how fun it was to find the perfect dress, shoes, and especially makeup! I actually chose to have my hair and nails professionally done, but insisted on doing my own makeup because I just didn't trust that someone else knew my face the way I do. I never regretted it!

I'm feeling so nostalgic this year!

I've thought about what to do with B.Koi for prom season since last fall, but it's been a bit difficult for me to settle on any one thing since the possibilities are endless! I need some feedback from you ladies.

Should I do:
A. Prom Giveaway
B. Special Mini-Collection
C. Nothing

A decision will have to be made soon because so many schools have their proms in May. So many possibilities! Help me ladies!


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