Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fall Beauty is Just Around the Corner & I'm Dying to Get There!

I love the fall! I love everything about it, but this year I'm super excited because the trends this fall (in my opinion) are amazing! The colors alone are so fabulous, especially when it comes to beauty. I love how deep they are, the varying finishes (shimmery, creamy, matte), and I have this really crazy thing for silver makeup on eyes. Loving everything!

I've been trying to keep up on all of the products being released by my favorite beauty companies and so far, my list of must-haves is growing far too long ;) Here are just a few of the products I'm dying to get my hands on:
  • Too Faced's Smokey Eye Palette (newest one)
  • MUFE Aqua Liners (all of them)
  • Ultraflesh Black Magic
  • Dior Blue Tie Palette
  • MAC Runway Red lipstick (Mac Me Over collection)
  • The list goes on and on...
I haven't done a giveaway in a while, so I've been contemplating having one soon. I have a few ideas for themes, products, etc.

We'll see!

Oh also, I've been waiting to announce this just in case anything happens (Murphy's Law and all), but I should be posting an interview soon with an individual from a popular cosmetics company regarding a VERY popular product. Sorry, I know that's super vague. This post is going to have a little bit of an interesting twist, so stay tuned!


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