Thursday, December 27, 2012

Zoya Lovely Spring 2013: Review & Mani

Note: My hard drive recently crashed on my laptop so a friend of ours is attempting to recover data on it. As a result, I've got a temp hard drive and don't have access to my usual photo editing software (I use Photoshop CS6) so the color and quality is not on par in my opinion with my typical pictures--sorry! It's driving me nuts, but I wanted to share these with you ASAP since they're too fabulous to miss!

I recently published the promotional pictures of Zoya's Spring 2013 collection--Zoya LOVELY--which totally reminded me of spring and more so Easter!

These colors really are lovely in hue in person. They're a mix of delicious pastel metallics and creams in dainty, delicate shades that make me think of a mix of Easter eggs and ice cream!

I know there are probably a billion manis using several of the colors together, but seeing them all together I couldn't resist!

From left to right: Piaf, Neely, Blu, Julie
Zoya Gie Gie

Application & Opacity
Gie Gie, Piaf and Julie - These are the metallics of the collection, which I tend to find apply extremely smooth and evenly. These were as expected. I did find that they were a bit less opaque than the creams and while you may be able to get away with 2 coats, I preferred 3 coats to reach full opacity. They had great self-leveling properties.

Neely & Blue - These are 2 of the 3 creams in this collection (I will be featuring a mani with Jacqueline at a later time). I find that most of Zoya's cream polishes require a minimum of 2 coats. The first is typically a bit uneven or streaky and the second usually evens it out. That was the case with these. I did apply a third coat with these as I found it gave me a slightly better overall finish.

Color Descriptions (according to me)
GieGie Gie Gie is a super metallic princess-y pink. I bit more pastel than bubblegum in my opinion.

Piaf - Piaf is an interesting yellow. In the bottle I feel it comes off a tad lighter than on your finger (I believe this is largely due to the concentrated amount of metallic sparkle in the bottle). To me, it's almost a light pastel-ish golden mustard with subtle metallic flash.

Neely - Neekly is definitely a pastel green. It's not a blue-green, but more of a true minty pastel.

Blu - Blue is a a lovely pastel blue that is a bit more vibrant on your nail than in the bottle, in my opinion. Definitely a great shade if you want a spring blue!

Julie - Julie is a super pretty pastel lilac. I've never been much of a purple person in general, but lilac generally appeals to me and this is definitely something I would have picked out of the collection.

These are priced at $8 per individual bottle or $48 for the set retail.

These are currently available on Zoya's website HERE  

Final Thoughts
Overall I really like this collection! I think the balance of metallics and creams is nice and the shades are absolutely early-spring appropriate. I would highly recommend this collection for anyone that loves pastels or can't wait for spring to get here!

Just for fun I thought I'd add a little wintry, frosty sparkle (since we just got a ton of snow up here and it's only December). I added a few touches of Zoya Trixie (my all-time favorite Zoya polish aside from Sooki) near the cuticle of each nail. I like the overall effect! I think it's especially appropriate here since Easter often arrives while we still have snow!

What do you think? Will you be purchasing any of the Zoya LOVELY collection polishes?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Zoya Spring 2013 Collection: Zoya Lovely

Are we already talking about Spring? I feel as though the seasons are so quick to come and go lately, probably partially because the fashion and beauty industry look so far ahead!

Zoya is starting the New Year off in style, releasing this appropriately named collection ... LOVELY! I remember Zoya releasing a number of these colors earlier this year in correspondence with 2013 Spring Fashion Week and thinking ... I hope they re-release these! I almost nabbed them, but I have a weird quirk where I try to buy in-season the majority of the time. Knowing what's coming out makes it hard sometimes, but I find it works for me!

Anyway, Zoya's LOVELY Spring 2013 collection is a mix of 3 creams and 3 metallics that are perfect (in my opinion) for spring--available for purchase January 1, 2013. To me, these shades are the epitome of spring colors! And they truly are ... lovely!

The following information was provided by Zoya PR:

Zoya Lovely – spRING 2013
Piaf (ZP652) - Fresh Forsythia Yellow Metallic - Full Coverage (Originally designed for Fashion Designer Zang Toi)
GeiGei (ZP651) - Blushing Cherry Blossom Pink Metallic - Full Coverage (Originally designed for Zang Toi/SS13).
Julie (ZP650) - Soft Wisteria Purple Metallic - Full Coverage (Originally designed for Zang Toi/SS13).
Blu (ZP653) - Lucky Hyacinth Blue Cream - Full Coverage
Neely (ZP655) - Earliest Spring Green Cream - Full Coverage (Originally designed for Peter Som/SS13).
Jacqueline (ZP654) - Perfect Magnolia Nude Cream - Full Coverage (Originally designed for Peter Som/SS13)
First Impression

I really do like this collection for a spring collection. Though we've seen the shades before, it was only for a brief time and I believe they were only released in trio originally? While I'm not ready to start wearing them quite yet, I think post-Christmas I'll be dying for a spring mani!


I usually speculate on which shades will be my favorites when I post releases like this. I honestly think as a collection I'll want to do East egg nails with these! That's exactly what I think of when I see them together. But as far as individual color favorites go, I think I'm leaning more towards GeiGei (pink polish - shocker I know), Blu, and possibly Neely if it isn't too close to Zoya Wednesday. I like Wednesday, but I love seeing different shades from season to season. I like the rest as well, but I'm predictably drawn to certain colors more than others 90% of the time. We'll see if these surprise me!

Release Date
January 1, 2013

*Information in this release was provided by Zoya PR. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cult Nails & BeautyPopShop Rhinestone Tuesday Mani

Maria of Cult Nails (who is exceptionally fabulous if you're not familiar with her) and I were tweeting back and forth regarding manis last week when she came up with the fabulous idea of challenging ourselves to come up with themed manis! I wear nail polish all the time (with the occasional exception of short periods when I try to give my nails a break for a day or so), but I don't focus on super creative manis as much as I should. And when I do, I often forget to take pics! Awful I know, but life is such a whirlwind right now what can you do? ;)

The theme of our mani Tuesday is "rhinestones"! I love, love classy bling. I really do! Unfortunately, I have allergic reactions to most metals and it's gotten worse over the years, so my daily jewelry wearing has gone down dramatically (ugh hurts just to think about how much I miss my jewelry!). So, I jumped at the chance to bling out my nails when Maria suggested rhinestones as a possibility!

I'm a huge swarovski fan. Can you tell given the swarovski-covered polish racks we released shortly after our launch back in January of this year? I had purchased a bunch of different swarovski sizes a while back for use on my nails and had barely touched them---perfect opportunity to dig in! I played around a bunch but I'm admittedly extremely hyper-critical of myself so after shifting around different swarovskis for far longer than I'd like to admit, I finally landed on this! I know it's not insanely complicated, but I really like clean lines and for some reason this really grabbed me after I arranged them this way. And just a heads up, my dad was so long yesterday I couldn't choose between photos after I edited my favorites so you get to see them all lol.

I realized after I took my mani pics that I could have included a nice or at least neutral background ... classy laptop in the background I know. I tend to do my nails at my desk so there you have it!

What do you think? I used 2 different size swarovski flatbacks in 2 different colors over Sheswai Hot Damn.

Line from cuticle up to larger swarovski = Xilion Rose Provence Lavender in PLV5

Large swarovski at tip of nail = Xilion Rose Crystal AB (my fav) in CAB7

I prefer the new 2058 style swarovskis over the older 2028 because they have a slightly different cut. They have a smaller table (the flat part of the face of the swarovski) and higher profile which really makes them flash and reflect a lot of color. I love them! The only downside is that they do stick up slightly higher than the old ones on your nails which actually isn't a huge deal in my opinion with the super small sizes, but still something to note ;) I used 1 super thick coat of gelous over them once I placed them into the layer of gelous I placed over my solid purple nail and then another coat of topcoat over that so while it's nowhere near flat, it's not quite as pointing.

So, what do you think?

Friday, November 16, 2012

#FlashMeFriday on BeautyPopShop's Facebook Page

Today we are holding #FlashMeFriday, which for those that aren't following BeautyPopShop's facebook page, is an event held on fridays in which followers can post 1 picture based on the theme of the day to enter to win a prize!

Today, those that enter can win a $10 off your purchase of $10 or more promo code for!

What do you have to post? A picture of your favorite beauty or fashion product that you're wearing today! Winter and fall fashions are so fun, so come on over and share!

There are some rules of course, but they're pretty simple ;)

1. You may only post 1 pic on the BeautyPopShop wall (this picture must be related to the giveaway).
2. Please do not post links in today's #FlashMeFriday. Entries with links will not be counted and will be removed.
3. You may only post a pic that you own/have taken yourself or that you have permission to post.
4. Watermarked pictures are fine as long as they are your own.
5. Anyone that posts rude or snide comments will be disqualified from participating--keep it positive ;)
6. You may include the hashtag #FlashMeFriday in your post, but no others.
7. This goes without saying, but rude or obscene pictures will not only be removed, but the poster will be removed from our page as well ... but I doubt anyone here would do that ;)

The winner will be randomly chosen and announced tomorrow on the BeautyPopShop facebook page! The winner must email BeautyPopShop at within 24 hours to claim his/her prize ;)

Good luck!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

BeautyPopShop "Super Stacked" Polish Racks on XSparkage's Makeup Room Tour!

For those of you that don't follow me on twitter or facebook, you may not have seen that BeautyPopShop's "Super Stacked" polish racks were recently featured in a makeup room tour by the one and only Leesha aka XSparkage!

We are beyond thrilled she loved this model :) It was also super fun to see the rest of her massive collection!

Check it out here (our polish racks are one of the first things you see!):

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sometimes asking for help is OK - Indiegogo Campaign

Something I've spent my entire life struggling with, which I'm slowly starting to come around to, is the fact that it's okay to ask for help sometimes :) I find myself in this position in terms of the future of BeautyPopShop. I want to preface all of this by thanking every customer, follower, tweeter, blogger, and FB follower that has supported us thus far--you mean so much to us! BeautyPopShop has not only enabled me to remain a work-at-home-mom, more importantly, it's allowed me to devote my time to our older son's education, testing, therapies, etc. That means everything to us!
For those of you that don't know, one of our children has some special medical/educational needs. Let's just say, insurance is not a friend to us, so we pay for quite a bit ourselves. As a result, we don't have as much funds to make some of the more expensive changes we'd like to within BeautyPopShop.

We have been talking and debating over how we should continue to expand and grow for some time and we recently felt it was finally time to take a leap and give an indie fundraising campaign a try.We have personally contributed to similar campaigns for other brands as we are hugely supportive of small businesses and independent ventures, so we thought--perhaps somebody would like to help give us a little push!

There are a few things we'd like to do so that we can evolve to not only meet our increasing d
emand for polish racks and beauty shelves, but to bring a few fairly intricate designs to fruition that we've been working on for a while. Some of the in-house upgrades we'd like to make simply aren't within our budget and I truly feel we've made every effort to streamline everything we do to the best of our abilities with what we currently have. Since we don't pad our shipping rates and we price our racks fairly (in our opinions) when we take into account materials and labor (and we definitely do NOT skimp on either), our profit margin probably isn't as high as companies that sell at greater mark-ups. Details like having our lumber custom-milled at a local mill (not a large conglomerate such as Lowe's) that we have built a personal relationship with is something we're very proud of and something we feel gives our products an extra special something :) Well worth it to us!

There are 2 major things we'd like to do with the funds we raise:
  1. Purchase several new pieces of equipment to help production move along a bit faster and to enable us to do thing we are not currently able to do.
  2.  Make some prototypes for new (slightly more complicated) products we've been working on for some time. Prototypes can be pricey for large pieces as I'm sure you can imagine--especially because we build our prototypes out of the same materials we use for the pieces we sell to ensure everything works out perfectly, weight is correct, etc. And it is rare that our first prototype is the one we settle on--there's always tweaking no matter how carefully we plan out designs. We're picky, what can I say? ;)

We don't expect any of our followers to feel compelled to donate any money towards our campaign and perhaps we won't raise much of anything, but we thought it was worth a try to see if anyone would be interested in giving a little boost to a small business that creates handcrafted designs that start and end within our walls. If you know of anyone that might be interested in contributing, please feel free to share information on our campaign. If not, that's fine :) You can see our campaign here:

Regardless, thank you for supporting us in any capacity! Your support means the world to us and we plan to continue to do what we're doing regardless of whether or not our campaign is successful! We don't plan on going anywhere ;)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

No H8: Eradicate Hate Purple Manicure

On a personal note: I directly experienced bullying as a child. I went to several private schools with very homogenous student bodies. My brother and I were the only Asian kids there (being half-Japanese). Unfortunately, we were on the receiving end of a great deal of bullying and racism that ended with my brother getting beat up and me not even wanting to go to class because of the things I was called. Things like "chinky eyes", "chop suey" and being told to "go back to Japan" were regular occurrences when the teacher wasn't within earshot or on the playground. Keep in mind, we were only in 3rd and 2nd grade when this started in a very "nice" town. We went on to another school after because of how bad it was and unfortunately ... we still experienced some of the same. And this was in an educated, upper-middle class area!

Now as an adult and parent, I find myself in the position of defending my child who has experienced bullying in school. This time not because of his nationality, but because he has some special needs. For those of you that don't know me super well, and that's probably many as I'm a fairly private person when it comes to my family, my son is currently undergoing testing (and has been for some time). We are close to a diagnosis, but that is far from the end of that journey. While he is very high-functioning and may not even appear to be any "different" from the next child at first glance, he struggles with many different skills that typical children his age do not. Children are not always forgiving of a child that asks too many questions or a child that cannot handle the busy, over-stimulating environment a classroom of 14 6-year-olds may prove to be. Just today he came home from his art class (he homeschools but attends music and art at a local school) and when I asked him how his class was he told me it was fine. I asked him if he talked with any of his "friends" (which is how we refer to his classmates) and he said, "No ... oh wait; one. He said, 'You're so annoying, would you shut up?'" I asked him why the boy said this and he said, "I asked him if he knew why a rubber tree was called a rubber tree."

Now keep in mind, this is a regular thing my son experiences and some kids take it much further than a single comment like this one. What they don't know, and what this child didn't know, was that my son gets very excited about specific topics and he perseverates on them and wants to know all about them. This morning he watched a documentary on rubber trees, hence the question he asked his classmate.

Our children learn from us. Yes, they make their own choices as they get older, but we set the tone in so many ways. Whether it's a single comment putting someone down "as a joke" or a methodical group attack on another person or group ... it's never okay in my book because what starts small has a tendency to ripple into something much bigger. How many times can someone hear "you suck" before it starts to wear them down? You don't know where they're coming from; what they've been through. Why would anyone want to be even a small part of breaking someone else down, especially in a day and age where things are far from easy for so many of us. If we as adults can't be civil and thoughtful with the way we treat each other in an environment like a nail forum or social network group ... how can we ever expect our children to treat each other with respect and tolerance in the real world now and as adults down the road?

You have to ask yourself--isn't the world already filled with enough hate?

Bullying is not funny. It is not cool. It is not right. And more importantly, it is not okay.
Most of us are, thankfully, residents of countries that support tolerance and many of our families have settled in these places simply for that reason. Generations later, it is our responsibility to perpetuate that message of tolerance across our new social platforms, including the internet.

As members of the nail polish blogging community, we all share a love of beauty, color, and lacquer. Other than that, we are remarkably different: from our race to our religion to our hair color...even to our polish application techniques. To marginalize anyone because of those differences is completely unacceptable and today I take a stand against that. I refuse to allow other people's view of "normal" dictate how I behave, believe, and blog.

In solidarity with a multitude of bloggers linked below, my purple manicure represents my proud commitment to the No H8 movement. Today, November 8, I dedicate my post to ending bullying of any kind and to encouraging diversity and imperfection among our colorful community
My purple gradient mani! Sorry for the car instagram pic, this week is eating me alive!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Free Shipping on Today Only!

The holidays are almost here! In preparation, is having a Free Shipping Flash Sale with free shipping on "Super Stacked" polish racks to help you get your holiday shopping started!

Promo Code: SHIPFREE

This is only valid on orders that are being delivered to US shipping addresses and that ONLY contain "Super Stacked" racks (you may purchase multiple "Super Stacked" racks and still receive free shipping).

This promo cannot be used on orders that contain other items or items in addition to the "Super Stacked". This cannot be combined with other promo codes.

Expires tonight at midnight EST.
Super Large "Super Stacked" Nail Polish Rack in Pink, Black or White - Holds over 200 polishes
"Super Stacked" Nail Polish Rack. Available on

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: butter LONDON Holiday Lippy Trio Set 1 (2012)

As you all know (if you've followed me for some time) I am a true cosmetics addict. I love shadows, polishes, lippies ... you name it! I was beyond thrilled to get the opportunity to review one of butter LONDON's holiday 2012 Lippy Trio Sets (set 1) which actually complements the butter LONDON Holiday 2012 polishes I reviewed in an earlier post HERE.

butter LONDON Holiday Lippy Trio Set 1

This is butter LONDON's Holiday Lippy Trio Set 1 - all 3 of these are sheer glitter lippies.

butter LONDON Frilly Knickers Lippy - This is a clear gloss with a generous dose of holo microglitter. For some reason my camera didn't really pick up much except for the blue glitter reflects, but there's subtle pink, green, etc. as well!

butter LONDON West End Wonderland Lippy - This also has a clear base, but with gold shimmer infused into it. It also has a little sprinkle of reddish-copper slightly larger glitter flecks.

butter LONDON Rosie Lee Lippy - This is a sheer antique-rose-pink (does that make sense?) gloss that definitely has some nice reflective microglitters sprinkled through it. Ironically, my lips are not super pigmented and have a kind of subdued dusty-rose/mauve tone to them naturally so this gloss almost matched my lips--adding a nice shimmer of sparkle.


These have a yummy vanilla scent that almost has a caramel undertone to me. 


This set is priced at $34 retail.

Where to Buy

This set can be purchased on butter LONDON's site HERE.

Final Thoughts

First of all before I even go into anything else, I want to express how glad I was to see butter LONDON use a more appealing scent/flavor for these lippies. I had reviewed several butter LONDON lippies when they first launched (you can see my original review HERE) and they were floral scented--not something my sensitive nose could handle. I am happy to say that the scents/flavors on this trio were fantastic and downright yummy! A+ on this change butter LONDON ;)

Moving on to the other components on these lippies, I want to note that these are slightly sticky glosses. I actually do not mind sticky glosses at all (weird I know), but for those that detest them (yes, Beelex I'm thinking of y-o-u!) you may want to test them out prior to purchasing if possible. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being ever-so-slightly tacky and 5 being can't-pull-my-lips-apart sticky, I'd say these are about a 2.5. They're not so insanely tacky that your lips can't pull apart, but the slight tackiness is a factor. I can't judge as to whether or not these would be "too sticky" for some of you (especially since I don't mind sticky gloss in the least) but hopefully this helps you gauge whether or not this will bother you.

As far as application, since all of these are sheer the application is a piece of cake. I would recommend using these on their own for a little subtle holiday sparkle or over your favorite lipstick to really sparkle it up! While the gold gloss does have super fine gold shimmer throughout it, I didn't find it so obvious that it'll look as though you have gold lame lips (though to be honest I would totally sport that look for fun!).

Overall, I'm really happy with these and I'll definitely be using them over the course of this holiday season! I definitely recommend getting this trio if you don't mind or can at least tolerate slightly sticky glosses ;)

Since this has been named "Lippy Trio Set 1" I'm sure you've caught on that there is a Lippy Trio Set 2! I'm actually dying to get my hands on this one as it includes Fiddlesticks, Chancer, and Fairy Cake in it! If I do, I'll be sure to post swatches and a review.

What do you think? Will you grab one of these fun holiday gloss sets by butter LONDON?

Review: butter LONDOND Holiday Polishes 2012

Hello, lovelies! I have some truly fabulous holiday (eeeh!) polishes and lippies to share with you from butter LONDON, who you know happens to be one of my favorite "big" polish brands! I'm also a super sucker for holiday cosmetics, so ... yay!

butter LONDON Holiday Polishes

butter LONDON Fairy Cake - 3 coats, base coat, no top coat
butter LONDON Fairy Cake up close - as you can see it reflects a lovely rainbow of colors!

butter LONDON Rosie Lee - 3 coats, base coat, no top coat
butter LONDON Rosie Lee up close - I would describe this color in person as a hybrid cross between mauve and a brand new penny. It's very unique!

butter LONDON West End Wonderland - 3 coats, base coat, no top coat
butter LONDON West End Wonderland up close - this polish is a mix of different size gold glitter with a sprinkle of copper thrown in.


These are all priced at $14 retail.

Where to Buy 

These can all be purchased on butter LONDON's website HERE'.  


The application of all of these were exactly what I'd expect from butter LONDON--smooth and easy. I used 3 coats for each polish to reach full opacity, but you could easily layer any of these over other polishes for a different effect. It's interesting, the ones I thought would fall as "second-best" to Fairy Cake (Rosie Lee and West End Wonderland) were actually just as amazing after applying them! One thing I will note is that Rosie Lee and West End Wonderland have teeny, tiny microglitter and once applied, are pretty smooth for glitter polishes. Fairy Cake on the other hand, seems to have some slightly larger glitters mixed into it and has a very course finish when dried. While I would wear all of these with a top coat (though I never do in swatches so that you can see them on their own), Fairy Cake requires several generous coats of a top coat to get a nice smooth finish. All in all, these are absolutely stunning holiday glitter polishes and I would strongly suggest snatching one or all of these up if they catch your eye!

There are a few other holiday butter LONDON's I'm dying to try such as Scallywag and Fiddlesticks! Definitely check those out as well ;)

What do you think? Will you be purchasing any of butter LONDON's holiday polishes?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday 2012!

When Anastasia Beverly Hills reached out to me to review their holiday 2012 palette and gloss collection I eagerly agreed! I absolutely love Anastasia's holiday collections and this year, which pays tribute to the 70's, is no exception. I received this a few weeks ago, but between being sick, my little guys getting super sick, and now being sick again I haven't had a chance to swatch and post. I finally decided, sick or not, I have to get these up for you guys!

Want You to Want Me Clutch Palette

The Want You to Want Me palette comes in this adorable sleeve. I almost wish the outside of the actual palette looked like this--it's so cute!

Here's the actual palette, which was created in a clute-like style with a magnetic, fold-over clasp. The outside has a velvet feel and as you can see, it's super fun!

The inside holds plenty of goodies ;) While I'm not typically the type to do my makeup using palette mirrors, 2 of my younger sisters do and they love the size of the mirrors on these (they're also both HUGE fans of Anastasia's palettes in general--in fact one swears by last year's holiday palette as THE one to own)! As you can see, this kit includes a separate eyeshadow compact with a similar style exterior, clear brow gel, black eyeliner, and a double-ended shadow brush.

Here are the lovely shadows held within the cute little shadow compact that pops out of the Want You to Want Me clutch case.
Shadow Shades
Left to Right Top row: Platform Wedge, Front Row Center, Ziggy   
Left to Right Middle row: Members Only, Power Ballad, Jellies
Left to Right Bottom row: Graphic T's, Brass in Pocket, Iron On

I know it's a bit difficult to see the neutral on the left, but it's close in color to my skin ;)
Left to Right: Platform Wedge, Front Row Center, Ziggy, Members Only, Power Ballad, Jellies, Graphic T's, Brass in Pocket, Iron On

As usual, these all had amazing consistencies. Anastasia has some of the absolutely silkiest shadows I've ever used--and I've used a lot of different shadows in my lifelong makeup love ;)  As you can see, some are matte (Platform Wedge, Members Only, Graphic T's) and the rest of a mix of either smooth and shimmery or shimmery with a splash of glittery sparks. Iron On (the last on the right) looks black in the picture, but it's actually a super deep black-based purple with plenty of gorgeous flecks. These are definitely perfect for doing some totally fabulous looks!

Anastasia's lovely brow gel. I'm so glad this is clear! I have black brows so if there's any tint at all it generally makes me look a bit odd, so this is great!

Liquid liner in Jet. This is a super black liquid liner. The tip on the brush is actually pretty thin and I had no issues controlling it. Granted I've been using liquid eyeliner for ... well over a decade, I think this is definitely a decent applicator brush!

Look how black this is! I LOVE black eyeliner and this is definitely black. The only thing I'd caution you about is that this is not waterproof from what I could tell. It came off pretty easily with plain water. If that doesn't bother you then this is definitely a fabulous black liner.

This set retails for $34

Where to Buy
You can purchase this now on Anastasia Beverly Hills' website HERE  

Kisses on My List Gloss Set
Oh. My. Gosh. I can't even tell you how much I love Anastasia's Hydrafull glosses. Seriously, they are AMAZING! Granted I'm a total gloss junkie, these are at the top of my long list of must-have glosses. They come in fabulous colors and provide the smoothest overall affect. Ugh so good! So naturally Kisses on My List would have been on my Christmas list if I hadn't gotten a chance to review the set ;)

Here are all of the lovely shades included in the Kisses on My List set. These six lovely glosses have super fun names to match their fabulous colors. Three of these are shimmery glosses and three are what the site refers to as "matte". I wouldn't really consider them matte as they're not flat, they're super-high shine, but they're more opaque than the others and apparently they actually stain your lips. Anastasia Hydrafull glosses are a bit sticky (which I actually prefer), but for those of you that hate sticky glosses (yes you, Alex!) you may want to test one out prior to purchasing a whole set.

Left to Right: Moi, Maggie May, Sharona, Lola, Jolene, Roxanne

I had to give you a closeup of these polishes because they are phenomenal! Left to Right:

Left to Right: Lola, Jolene, Roxanne (these are intentionally blurry so you can see all the gorgeous flecks!)

This set retails for $30.

Where to Buy
This set can be purchased on Anastasia Beverly Hills' website HERE.    

Final Thoughts
I absolutely love the Want You to Want Me clutch set. I actually think I like it even better than last year's palette! *gasp* And the Kisses on my List gloss set? Ugh, to die for! If you love lip products you will love these in my opinion. There's great variety in color and the shine is absolutely insane! I will definitely be wearing these a ton (going into rotation with my other hydrafull fav's) as soon as I'm feeling better. I swear the best cosmetics come out around the holidays ;)

So what do you think? Will you be gifting or requesting either or both of these? 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Glitter Gal Fall 2012 Holos on BeautyPopShop

We are beyond thrilled to add Glitter Gal to our growing lineup of fabulous indie polishes! We have just added the following new Fall holos from Glitter Gal to

These are currently priced at $11.50

Where to Buy
They have just gone live on HERE

Enjoy! These are truly gorgeous ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update: What's Going On?

I thought I should probably do a quick post on where I've been and what I've been doing lately, since I haven't been on my blog much for a while. I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my family/personal life, but I think this may be a good thing to share with all of you. Perhaps some of you are in the same boat. For those of you that have followed me for a while you probably already know I launched my online beauty boutique--BeautyPopShop--early this year. That has been A LOT of work. Not only do I design all of the nail polish racks and beauty shelves we sell, but I take care of a great deal of the business operations/customer service.

And while that's definitely kept me insanely busy, that's actually not all of what's really consumed my life for most of the last year. I'm not going to get too in-depth, but here's a brief version of the story. Back in my March my oldest guy (who happens to be 6) had an appointment with the same neurologist that diagnosed one of my younger brothers way back when he was 3. We noticed some little red flags here and there with my son and given my personal and professional background, I supposed we knew a bit better what to watch and look for. Anyway, my son had his intake appointment and it was determined that he should have several different evaluations to determine a possible diagnosis along with a plan for services. Long story short, he has had some of his evaluations and we're fighting with our insurance to get them to cover the rest. We've paid for some things out of pocket, but some of the testing he needs would be thousands of dollars in one fail swoop and given all of the other expenses we're already paying for it wouldn't be doable.

My son is very high-functioning and while we don't know what he may be diagnosed with, we know from his OT eval that he fits the mold for Sensory Integration Disorder. While this is only a part of the underlying bits going on, it explains some of what we're seeing. My son is bright, engaging, social and sweet (though like any 6 year old he has his moments), but he struggles with being able to react appropriately to the stimulation he intakes. Again, this is just part of the picture, but it affects him and us just about every moment of every day.

Right now on top of working from home, homeschooling my older guy, doing my younger one's pre-k drive back and forth, and doing the usual mom stuff, I'm running all over the place to different specialists, therapies, making phone calls, etc. Some days I feel like I literally don't stop until 11 or 12 at night.

I'm actually thinking about starting a blog specifically about the experience we're going through with my son. Having experienced some of this as a sibling of a special needs child and then as a professional delivering services, I think it has prepared me to a small degree to go through some of this with my own son.

Anyway, I don't want to go too far into it, but I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about my blog and I will try my best to blog whenever I can, but there's a good reason I can't devote nearly as much time to my blog as I normally have. Hopefully someday that will change again. We'll see.

I will, however, continue to devote as much of myself as I have from the start to We are adding new products throughout the fall/holidays and doing a lot of fun things on our Facebook page, so come visit us ;)

Zoya Holiday 2012 Ornate Collection

For those that live for the holiday collections each year (yes, admittedly I get all mushy for things with snowflakes and mistletoe on them) you're probably waiting on the edges of your seats to see what polish companies release for this holiday season.

Zoya has graciously allowed us to share pictures their upcoming ORNATE collection with all of you--which will be available for preorder this Monday I believe!

I always really look forward to Zoya's collections, but their holiday ones are some of my favorites! I'd have to say that I'm really looking forward to all of the polishes in this one, but if I had to pick just 1 as my favorite I'd pick ... maybe Ziv? I'm actually not a fan of 99% of gold polishes, but I have a feeling this one is going to be extra stunning ;)

Will you be purchasing Zoya's ORNATE collection?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

$5 off $25 or more for BeautyPopShop's Back to School Sale!

One of my baby sisters just headed back to college (a little early) for her senior year--miss her already! We've also had a number of college students inquiring about our polish racks lately so I've decided to have a little Back to School sale to celebrate all of you college-bound polish peeps ;) 

Anyone can take advantage of this sale obviously, you don't have to be college-bound!

From now until Sunday at midnight EST you can use the promo code BACK2SCHOOL to get $5 off your purchase of $25 or more before shipping!

This is good on any purchase that totals $25 or more before shipping (polish racks, Sheswai polish, gloss, silicone makeup bags/coin purses, etc.). It cannot be combined with any other promo codes or discounts. It can be used by you as many times as you like until it expires! This promo code can only be used on our website, not our etsy store.

Please feel free to share this with the polish lovers in your life ;)

Hope you guys enjoy this spontaneous little sale!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Honey Bee Holistics Mocha Dream Lotion

I have a fabulous lotion for review today from the lovely Honey Bee Holistics! I first came across Honey Bee Holistics in my earlier days of blogging. I fell in love with the organic ingredients and fabulously effective formulas. I'm a huge fan of the lotions in particular and have even used them on my kids--so you know I must really love the ingredients. For someone with sensitive skin like myself, finding a brand that doesn't irritate my skin is definitely worth noting.

Melissa of Honey Bee Holistics recently sent me her new Mocha Dream Lotion for review and I'm beyond thrilled to share it with you!

This lotion includes the following ingredients: Mountain Spring Water, Organic Coffee Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Local Beeswax, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Coffee, Organic Vanilla Bean

As you can see, this lotion includes real fair trade coffee oil! I'm 100% all about fair-trade so that's awesome in my opinion. On that not, this lotion does come with a warning: Do not use if you have blood pressure issues or are pregnant as raw caffeine is present

On to the lotion...

I swear these lotions always look and smell good enough to eat to me!

This lotion actually had a super subtle smell. I couldn't smell the coffee much at all and even the cocoa butter was pretty subtle. It does have a faint vanilla scent to it that is a natural vanilla, not synthetic--I absolutely abhor fake vanilla for some reason haha. 

Like Honey Bee Holistics' other lotions I've used in the past, this has a super thick, luxe consistency. It spreads very well though, despite how thick it is and it smooths into your skin well. I wouldn't say it leaves a greasy feel behind, but it isn't a water-thin lotion that evaporates upon contact. I don't mind the feeling of ultra-hydration with thick lotions (heck, I use straight organic shea butter sometimes), but if you really dislike feeling any bit of your lotion once you've smoothed it in then this might not be for you.  

This is absolutely so beyond hydrating! My skin is instantly supple and lovely to the touch after using this lotion, much like Honey Bee Holistics' other lotions (can you tell I'm a fan?). As far as it's long-term effects as a result of the caffeine, that is yet to be determined, but regardless this is so moisturizing!

This is priced at $5.50 for 1.5 oz jar or $18.25 for 8oz jar.    

Where to Find
You can purchase Honey Bee Holistics products through the etsy store or website  

Final Thoughts
As you probably already know if you've followed my blog for a while, I'm a huge fan of small/indie business and I love, love natural/organic products. Honey Bee Holistics has been a favorite of mine since I first tried Melissa's products--they're fabulous! The new Mocha Dream Lotion is no exception. It is super moisturizing (perfect for the upcoming fall and winter season), smells delicious but not overpowering, and doesn't include any nasty ingredients that I personally wouldn't want to absorb into my body! Definitely give this a try if you're searching for a new lotion for those fast-approaching colder months ;)

This product was provided by Honey Bee Holistics for review. All opinions are based on my personal experience and are my own.