Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sale Alert!: 5 for $10 Prestige Beauty at

Hey, makeup lovers, you're going to love this! (a site where you can get discounted popular makeup brands) is having their special 5 for $10 sale today! Now, I've never participated in this before, but I decided that for $10 I probably can't be too disappointed .. I hope. ;)

All you have to do is go to and add the 5 for $10 Prestige Beauty sale to your cart. You can actually purchase up to 3 lots of 5 items, but that's the limit. From my understanding, you'll be sent a random assortment of 5 products that may include brands like MAC, Urban Decay, Bliss, etc.

To me, this is almost equivalent to trying out a new sample sale subscription, only you're getting full-size items as far as I know. If you lovelies are interested head over now because I've heard this sells out fairly quickly.

Good luck snagging some great beauty products! I'll be sure to post my haul when my order comes, can't wait to see what you all get.


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