Saturday, April 28, 2012

10% Off Birthday Sale on BeautyPopShop!

In honor of our son's birthday we are giving you guys a 10% off promo code that can be used on ANYTHING in our shop this weekend only, including our Priti NYC & Priti Princess polishes (which are already on sale), nail polish racks and makeup shelves! Use promo code: BDAY10

Since our shopping cart software only allows our customers to use 1 promo code at a time (we tried getting the company we use for our shopping cart software to make this possible, but unfortunately they can't), we've priced the Priti NYC and Priti Princess polishes at 10% off automatically (no promo code necessary - this promo code has been disabled since it is no longer needed) so you can use the BDAY10 code and get a total of 20% off this weekend!

Also, we've added a new shipping option that allows you to get $15 flat-rate shipping for any purchase that includes 1 nail polish rack and any number of nail polishes! Happy shopping & happy birthday to our youngest!

Take advantage of our birthday promo now at


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